Fine jewelers rely on Harmon to create superb catalogs that will
affordably brand their stores and effectively build sales. It's that simple.


Introducing the Last Minute Valentine's Day Program


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Now Harmon Catalogs Go Mobile


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One thing we've introduced this year is wonderful for reaching your young Millennial--the demographic most likely to be a bridal purchaser. We've made our print catalogs electronically responsive for digital mediums. What does that mean? Your catalog will efficiently display on your customers' smart phones. How? Your young customer views your site on his phone; he chooses "See Our Latest Offerings" and he's able to search either by item type, or by price, or he searches by brand from your list of vendors (catalog pages). From your brands, perhaps he selects "Simon G - Bridal." A single item appears along with a description and price. Like the piece and want to send it to your significant other? Press the "share" button and off it goes. It's a powerful and effective script we've written for your Harmon catalog--and it promises to reach a group who is more difficult to reach by traditional methods.